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1.  smart

2.  shabby

3.  weak

4.  strong

5.  old

6.  young

7.  beautiful

8.  ugly

9.  handsome

10.  fast

11.  clever

12.  small

13.  thin

14.  slow




Use the vocabulary above to construct sentences.


using ………… is the…………… the ……………………

1.  Nakamya is the thinnest girl in the class.

2.  Padde is the smartest boy in the school.

3.  Who is the tallest boy in the class?



Read the passage and answer questions in full sentences



Last year in April,twenty girls took part in a beauty contest.The beauty contest took place at Kyobe Institute. Regina,our elder sister was one of the contestants.She was a very beautiful girl.She had a black skin colour. Apart from this,Regina was also clever and smart.Regina was asked to take part in this beauty contest by her friends.They always called her the “Black Beauty Queen” because of her beautiful black colour.


On the day of the contest, very many people came to attend. The contest began at 2:00p.m.The judges looked at the beauty, size, age and nationality of the girls. All the girls were very beautiful so it was very difficult for the judges to choose the winner.


After careful judgment, the judges started reading out the results at 6:00p.m At this moment every girl hoped to win the best prize which was a car.


The announcer started with the contestant in the last position.He said,”The contestant in the 20th position is Regggggg…………………,Regggggg……..”On hearing this,Regina closed her eyes and covered her face.But after a minute of silence,the announcer said the full name as “Regious”This girl had a name almost similar to that of Regina but thank God it wasn’t Regina.


Announcing of results went on for almost an hour.And when they finally announced Regina as the winner,we could not believe it.All of us jumped off our seats shouting with joy.Regina was then crowned as Miss Kyobe and handed over the new car.



1.When did the beauty contest take place?

2.Where did the beauty contest take place?

3.How many girls took part in the beauty contest?

4.Who asked Regina to take part in the beauty contest?

5.What do Regina’s friends call her?

6.At what time did the judges start reading the results?

7.What prize are the girls competing for?

8.Who won the prize?

9.Why do you think Regina won the beauty contest?

10.For how long did the announcements take to be read?



Read the passage and answer questions in full sentences.

(MK Pupils Bk 4 pg 12)







1.  triangular

2.  Circular

3.  ripe

4.  rectangular

5.  smooth

6.  rough

7.  calm

8.  thick

9.  thin

10.  square

Exercise 2

11.  hard

12.  heavy

13.  wide

14.  narrow

15.  light

16.  dark

17.  round

18.  long

19.  oval

20.  flat


Use the vocabulary above to construct meaningful sentences.


Exercise 3

Structures: The ………………………… is …………………………

1.  The bag is black.


a)  Yes, it is.

b)  No, it is not.

c)  Yes, the bag is black.

d)  No, the bag is not black.


2.  The sea is rough today.


a)  Yes, it is.

b)  No, it is not.

c)  No, the sea is not rough today.

d)  Yes, the sea is rough.

Exercise 4

Read the dialogue and answer questions in full sentences. (oral sentences)


Winnie: Good morning, Esther?

Esther: Good morning, Winnie!

Winnie:  Esther, what are you making?

Esther:  I am making table mats.

Winnie:  What shape are they going to be?

Esther:  I wanted to make square table mats but my daddy wants a different shape.

Winnie:  What shape does he want?

Esther:  He wants the oval shape

Winnie:  I agree with your father, oval table mats look better than the square ones.



1. What was Esther making?

2. How many people are taking part in the dialogue?

3. What kind of shape did Esther want to make?

4. Who wanted a different shape of table mats?

5. What shape did Esther’s daddy want?

6. Why do you think daddy likes oval shapes?

7. What is the heading of the dialogue?

8. When did the dialogue take place?


Exercise 5

Read the passage and answer questions in full sentences



My name is Joseph Muganga. Last December, our father took us for a visit to Kapchorwa in Eastern Uganda. We were five in number. We left our home in Mbale on the 20th of December, 2014. We used the new Sironko road. The first part of the road was smooth. As we moved on, we saw men working on the rough part. They were putting tar on the surface to make it smooth. Most of the men who were working on the road were tall and looked strong. They were dark skinned apart from one they called Kadogo who was short and light skinned. After Sironko, we climbed up mountain Elgon in the Eastern part of Uganda. It was a wonderful place. The mountain is very high with thick forests on the slopes.


There are great falls called Sipi. The water flows very fast from the mountain. The roads up in the mountain are very rough and slippery. The drivers find it difficult to drive their vehicles. The drivers have to be careful in order to avoid accidents. Old vehicles cannot climb these rough roads. We used a new small black pick-up on our journey. It had brown soft seats. Our driver was an old man. He knew most of the places very well. Whenever we reached an interesting place, he would stop the car and tell us more about the place. When we reached the falls, he stopped and told us that the falls are called Sipi. He said that many tourists go there to see the beautiful hard rocks from which the Sipi Falls flow. We took some photographs from there. It was really an exciting trip!


Answer the questions that follow in full sentences

1.  When did Joseph and his family visit Kapchorwa?

2.  Who took Joseph to Kapchorwa?

3.  In which month did they go on the trip?

4.  How many people went for the trip?

5.  Where does Joseph stay?

6.  Which road did they use to go to Kapchorwa?

7.  What did the men use to make the road smooth?

8.  How does the water flow from the mountain?

9.  What kind of roads are found up the mountain?

10.  What do the drivers do to avoid accidents?

11.  What type of car did they use on their journey?

12.  What colour were the seats in the pick-up?

13.  Why do many tourists go to Mbale?








1.  far

2.  near

3.  next to

4.  across

5.  before

6.  opposite to

7.  behind

8.  close to

9.  after

10.  between

11.  left hand side

12.  right hand side

13.  in front of

14.  far away

15.  turn right

16.  turn left

17.  ahead

18.  middle

19.  kilometre

20.  junction


Exercise 2

Read the following sentences

1.  John sits on the left hand side of Daniel.

2.  It is not far from Kibuli to town.

3.  The lorry behind us is very slow.

4.  Our school is near the main road.

5.  It’s a long way from Kampala to Bwera.

6.  If you turn right, you’ll see Bob’s house.

7.  The maize garden is on the right hand side of the road.

8.  Ben looks left, right and then left before he crosses the main road.

9.  The church is between the market and the hospital.

10.  A junction is a place where two roads meet.


















Exercise 3

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comStudy the map below and answer the questions about it in full sentences.



Mbiro Road

Image From

Image From



Image From

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From


Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From


Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.com1km

…… Pong Pong Road…………………………………… ……………………..Pong Pong Road………3km

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From


Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From

Image From  





Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From

Image From





1. What is opposite Safina’s home?

2. On which road are the shops?

3. How far is the design center from the mosque?

4. On which road is the church?

5. What is next the petrol station?

6. Which building is near the mosque?

7. What is between the police station and Safina’s home?

8. What comes after the hospital?

9. Write in full

(a) km

(b) Sch

(c) Rd

ExerciseImage From 4 (WRITTEN EXERCISE)

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow in full sentences



Yesterday as I was going back home from school at 3:30 p.m, I met a beautiful,tall lady. She was from China and it was her first time to visit Uganda. She was going to St.Agnes Primary School but did not know where it was,This lady could not be helped by the people around because they did not know her language.


When she saw me in the school uniform,she called me and said,”Young girl,I am looking for St.Agnes Primary School,do you know where it is?” ”Yes,madam,St.Agnes is my former school but it is far from here.” I replied. ”How far is it from here?” the lady asked. I told her that it was about fifteen kilometres from where we were.


“Could you please give me the directions to that place?” “Yes,I can.” I told her to board a vehicle to Mbuya trading centre. At the centre,she was to get off the vehicle and move on up to the first junction.While at the junction,I told her to take the road on her left and follow it up to the big church.There she would see St.Agnes Primary School just opposite the church.

After giving her the directions to the school,the lady thanked me. She gave me five thousand shillings from her money purse. I was very happy. I thanked her and also wished her a safe journey to school.



1. At what time did Birungi meet the stranger?

2. Where was Birungi coming from?

3. What is the nationality of the beautiful lady?

4 . Why didn’t the people around help this lady?

5. What was the lady looking for?

6. How far was St.Agnes from where they were?

7. What was the size of the church?

8. What type of school is St.Agnes?

9. Give the opposite of happy.

10. How much money did the lady give to Birungi?

11. Why do think the lady gave Birungi that money?





1. near 6. corner

2. direction 7. after

3. far 8. close to

4. kilometre 9. junction

5 .sign-post 10. next to


Exercise 11

Construct sentences using the vocabulary above

Exercise 111


1. The cat is sleeping ……………..the table.

2. The plane is flying……………..our building.

3. The swimmer dived……………the lake yesterday.

4. Your school sign post is different………ours.

5. They arrived………….the airport late.

6. The conductor jumped ………….the bus at the junction.

7. He parked his car……….…the garage.

8. My friend stays…………..Ntinda.


Exercise IV

Read and act this conversation



Mbabazi: Which school do you go to?

Grace :I go to Kamuli Girls’ School.

Mbabazi : Where is it found?

Grace : It is found near Kazi-Kazi junction on your left.

Mbabazi: How far is it from here?

Grace: It’s two kilometres.

Mbabazi: That is quite far. Aren’t there good schools near your home?

Grace:There is a good school near our home but it is for only boys.

Mbabazi: In that case,you have no choice. Well, it has been nice meeting you,Good bye.

Grace: Good bye.



  1. How many people are involved in the conversation?
  2. To which school does Grace go?
  3. Where is Kamuli Girls’ School found?
  4. How far is the school from Kazi-Kazi junction?
  5. Are there good schools near Grace’s home?
  6. What is the heading of the dialogue?


Image From



Read the passage below and answer questions that follow in full sentences


Joel is a pupil in P.4 at Kihembo Primary School in Kasese District. When he leaves home for school, he makes sure he says bye to his parents. After he says that, he walks straight and joins the main road. He sees a supermarket on the left hand side of the road. He passes by the swamp on the right-hand side of the road. There are also trees and Kato’s farm opposite the swamp. After he passes by the swamp, he sees a church next to the main hospital.


Before he reaches his school, he crosses the road and turns to the left and walks past the butcher’s for a short distance and enters the main gate that leads to his class. He always uses an hour to reach his school yet he walks on foot.


1.  What is the title of the passage?

2.  In which class is Joel?

3.  Where does Joel go to school?

4.  In which district is Joel’s school?

5.  What does Joel do before he leaves for school?

6.  What does Joel see on the left hand side of the road?

7.  On which side of the road is the swamp?

8.  Who owns the farm opposite the swamp?

9.  What does Joel see after passing by the swamp?

10.  What is next the main hospital?

11.  Who is a butcher?

12.  How long does Joel take to reach his school?

13.  What does Joel use to go to school?

14.  How long does Joel walk from the butcher’s to the main gate?










1.  dance

2.  dancing

3.  sewing

4.  playing

5.  ride

6.  riding

7.  desire

8.  enjoy

9.  enjoying

10.  enjoyment

11.  prefer

12.  likes / dislikes


Exercise 1

Using the above vocabulary to form meaningful sentences.


Exercise 2

Joining using …………………more than………………..

1.  Nafula likes washing. She likes ironing more.

2.  Mother likes cooking. She likes serving more.

3.  Karen likes mopping. She likes sweeping more.



Exercise 3 (ORAL EXERCISE)



Last Saturday, my cousin Valeria wedded at St.Peter’s church. Relatives and friends came in big numbers to attend the wedding. The church service began at 2:00p.m and ended at 3:00p.m.There after all the guests went to Kagga Gardens for the reception.


It was a very well organized place. There was a lot of food and drinks. Everybody was free to eat whatever he or she wanted .My mother ate irish,potatoes,matooke and chicken.


I enjoy eating traditional dishes so I served myself with matooke,millet bread,sweet potatoes,rice,and beef.After getting food, I picked a bottle of soda.

My mother picked a bottle of mineral water.



1. When did the wedding take place?

2. Where did the wedding take place?

3. What was the bride’s name?

4. Where was the reception held?

5. At what time did the church service begin?

6. What happened after the church service?

7. How was the reception place organized?

8. Who enjoys eating traditional dishes?

9. At what time did the church service end?
10.Write p.m in full



Read the passage and answer the questions that follow in full sentences.

 (MK Pupils’ Bk 4 pg 27)


1.  When did Nyenje go to the market?

2.  From which market did Nyenje buy the food?

3.  How many children does Nyenje have?

4.  What did Nyenje and his children do after buying food?






1.  sad 5.  thirsty

2.  hate 6.  tired  

3.  hungry 7.  angry  

4.  scared 8.  cold  


Exercise 1

Use the vocabulary to construct meaningful sentences.

Exercise 2 Choose the correct words from the list below to fill in the blank space.










1.  Whenever I feel _______________. I drink cold water.

2.  The meal we have before going to bed is _________________.

3.  Opio was ______________ when he met a big dog.

4.  Mugisha was _____________ when he passed his exams.

5.  We are ______________ because we have been working very hard for long.

6.  Put on your sweater. It is ___________________outside.

7.  Hellen is feeling ________________ because she has been sick.

8.  The boys are _________________. Give them some food.

Exercise 3

Match the following sentences correctly.








no more energy to work frightened

in need of a drink


a lot of heat

in need of food

Exercise 4




Amina: How do you feel about our trip to the zoo next week?

Diana: I feel very happy but at the same time I feel very sad.

Amina: Why do you feel sad, Diana?

Diana: My guardian is very sick. I am worried about his health.

Amina: I am very sorry for you. We need to pray for him.

Diana: Thank you.


  1. What is the title of the dialogue?
  2. Where will the two go next week?
  3. When will the two visit the zoo?

4. How many people are taking part in the dialogue?

5. Why does Diana feel sad?

6. Who was very sick?

7. Why was Diana was worried?

8. What encouragement did Amina give Diana?

9. Why did Diana thank Amina?

10. Give the opposite of happy.




Two weeks after our trip to the zoo,my guardian died.I felt very sad and scared. I did not have anybody to take care of me. I stopped going to school and I slept out in the cold. I was always hungry and thirsty.


A month later, I fell very ill. Luckily enough, a kind nun saw me lying by the roadside shivering and vomiting. She moved near and talked to me. After telling her about my sad story, she took me to the hospital for treatment. When I got better, she took me to the church parish house. At the parish house, I got all the help I needed. I was given food,shelter,clothes and love. I am now very happy because I have gone back to school and I am doing very well.


1. How did Diana feel when her guardian died?

2. Who saw Diana lying by the roadside?

3. When did Diana’s guardian die?

4. Where had Diana gone when her guardian died?

5. Why did Diana stop going to school?

6. What happened to Diana after a month had passed?

7. Where was Diana lying when a nun saw her?

8. What was Diana doing as she was lying by the roadside?

9. What did the nun do when she saw Diana lying by the roadside?

10. Where was Diana taken for treatment?

11. Where was Diana taken after she had got better?

12. Why is Diana happy ?







1.feelings 6.cold

2.worried 7.scared

3.lazy 8.happy

4.sick 9.angry

5.tired 10.thirsty

Exercise 1


Construct sentences using the vocabulary above.


Exercise 2

Join the sentences using ……because……….

  1. I am happy. My father won the car rally.
  2. Ben played the whole day. Ben is tired.
  3. She is sad .Her house caught fire.
  4. She feels scared. Kidnappers tried to kidnap him.
  5. We feel proud. Our school won the football match.
  6. I feel dizzy. I have been standing for many hours.
  7. He feels ashamed. He doesn’t know how to speak English.


Exercise 3

Read the dialogue below and answer the questions that follow in full.

Sam : You look so weak. What is wrong?

Namuli: I feel tired. I have been working all day.I had to slash all the grass in the compound.

Sam: That is a lot of work.

Namuli: Yes,it is. I am hungry.I would like to eat a piece of cake.

Sam: Here is one thousand shillings. Buy something to eat.

Namuli: Thank you very much. You are kind.

Sam: That is the only money I have . Please remember to give me the change.

Namuli: Of course ,I will remember. I will buy a cake and a bottle of soda .Thank you.

Sam: You are welcome.



  1. Who looked weak?
  2. What made Namuli tired?
  3. What did Namuli want to eat?
  4. Who gave Namuli money?
  5. How much was she given?
  6. What did Namuli buy?
  7. Who had no money at all?
  8. What do you think is the relationship between Namuli and Sam?
  9. How many people are taking part in the dialogue?




Exercise 4


Read the letter below and answer the questions that follow in full sentences.

(MK Pupils’ Bk 4 pg 40)


1.  Who wrote the letter?

2.  When was the letter written?

3.  To whom was the letter written?

4.  In which school is Michael?

5.  When was Joyce visited?

6.  Who visited Joyce?

7.  In which district is Joyce’s school?

8.  What kind of game do the girls play?

9.  When do the pupils eat matooke and rice?

10.  What kind of food do the boys like eating?

11.  What is Joyce’s best subject?

12.  What would Joyce like to become when she grows up?

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