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1.  What is the reading on the vernier calipers shown in figure 1?

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2.  Figure 2 shows forces f1 and F1 and F2 acting on a meter rule such that it is in equilibrium.

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 Mark on the figure a third force F3 acting on the rule such that it is in equilibrium maintained.

3.  state how the position of the centre of gravity of a body in stable equilibrium changes to that in the rest position when the body is slightly tilted and then released.


Image From EcoleBooks.com4.  A vacuum pump was used to pump out air from the glass tube immersed in liquids as shown in figure3.











 After sometime the level of paranum rose to position A. Mark 1, the corresponding position for the water level. Give a reason for your answer.


Image From EcoleBooks.com5.  Fig. 4 shows a capillary tube placed in though of mercury.








Give a reason why the level of mercury in the capillary tube is lower than in the beaker.

perature. Brass expands more than invar when heated equally.

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 Sketch the bimetallic strip after being cooled several degrees below room temperature.


7.  In an experiment to study the atoms of gold, a beam of a- particles was directed onto a thin sheet of gold. The following observations were made:

 (i)  Majority of the particles went straight through undeflected

 (ii)  A few particles deflected through varying angles up to 180.


Image From EcoleBooks.com8.  Figure 6 shows a ray of light incident on plane mirror at point O.





 The mirror is rotated clockwise through an angle 300 about an axis perpendicular to the paper. Determine the angle through which the reflected ray rotated.

Image From EcoleBooks.com9.  Figure 7 shows a sharp pin fixed on a cap of leaf electroscope. The electroscope is highly charged and then left for sometime.







 Explain why the leaf collapses

Image From EcoleBooks.com10.  Determine the ammeter reading when a p.d of 3.0 volts is applied across Pq in figure 8.







11.  A wire fixed at one end extends by 4mm when a load of 20N is suspended from the other end. Determine the load that would cause an extension of 1.5 mm on the wire (assume elastic limit is not exceeded)

12.  How can it be shown that the strength of a magnet is concentrated at the poles?

e direction is into the paper.

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 The wire is placed in a magnetic field.

 Indicate on the figure the direction of the force acting on the wire.


Image From EcoleBooks.com14.  Determine the moment of the couple shown in figure 10.






15.  An industrial trolley of mass 20kg carrying a mass of 50kg is acted on by a constant force. The trolley moves along a horizontal smooth surface with an acceleration of 0.5ms -2 . Determine the acceleration of the trolley after the mass falls off.


16.  Figure 11 is a graph which shows how the vertical height through which a machine raises a mass 20kg varies with time.

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 Determine the power output of the machine after 40 seconds.


Image From EcoleBooks.com17.  Figure 12 shows how displacement varies with time as a wave passes a fixed point.








 Determine the frequency of the waves.

18  Two tuning forks of frequencies 256Hz and 258 Hz are sounded simultaneously and then placed close to each other, calculate the beat frequency.

19.  When a current of 2.0 flows in a resistor for 10 minutes, 15,000 joules of electrical energy is displaced. Determine the voltage the resistor.

20.  A substance of mass 2kg and specific heat capacity 400 Jkg K initially at 810C is immersed in water at 200C. If the final temperature is 210C. Determine the mass of water. (The specific heat capacity of water is 4200j/kgK). Give your answer to 1 decimal place.


21.  A galvanometer of internal resistance 50W gives a full-scale deflection when a current of 10mA passes through it. Determine the value of the resistance required to convert the galvanometer to a voltmeter with full-scale deflection of 5 volts.

22.  A microscope is focused on a mark on horizontal surface. A rectangular glass block 30mm thick is place on the mark. The microscope is then adjusted dd10mm upwards; to bring the mark back to focus, determine the refractive index of the glass.

23.  State the energy transformation when fast moving electrons are suddenly stopped by a target in an X- ray tube.

24.  A bullet is fired horizontally at a target. Neglecting air resistance give a reason why the horizontal acceleration of the bullet is zero.

25.  Figure 13 shows a section of a pipe PQ. A constant pressure difference maintains a streamline flow of a liquid in the pipe.

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 If the cross-sectional area A1 at P is less than A2 at Q, state how the liquid velocity. V2 at Q compares with velocity V1 at P.


26.  The figure 14 is a resistor-capacitor circuit. At time t=0, the switch is closed at A for sometime, and then opened. The switch is them closed at B for sometime.

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On the axis provided, sketch the graph of voltage V across the capacitor against time t(t1 and t2 represents times for opening at A and closing at B respectively).

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27.  Determine the pressure required to compress a gas in a cylinder initially at 200C and at a pressure 1.03 x 10-5 to one-eight of its original volume.

28.   Arrange the following in order of increasing frequencies –Gamma radiation, radio waves, infrared, and X –rays.

29.  A concrete block of volume V is totally immersed in seawater of density p. Write an expression for the up thrust on the block..

30.  It is observed that when ultraviolet light is shone onto a clean zinc plate connected to the cap of negatively charged leaf electroscope, the leaf collapse. Explain this observation.


Image From EcoleBooks.com31.  Figure 15 shows two masses 0.1kg and 0.2kg connected by a string through a hole on a smooth horizontal surface.









 The 0.1kg mass rotates in a horizontal circle of radius 3cm. Calculate the angular velocity of the mass when the system is in equilibrium. Use acceleration due to gravity g= 10ms-2


32.  Sketch a diagram to show the position of an object, when a converging lens is used as an magnifying glass.


Image From EcoleBooks.com33.  Figure 16 shows a wire XY at right angles to a magnetic field. XY is part of circuit containing a galvanometer.







 XY is moved


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Identify A ,B, and C.


35.   A radioactive nuclide of atomic number z emits a beta particle and gamma rays. State the atomic number of the new nuclide.


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