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Tourism involves the temporary or permanent movement of people away from home to other place of interests either for leisure, pleasure, recreation, or research studies etc.
It involves visiting places of interest like wildlife, conservation areas, historical sites, museums, beaches etc. In developing countries tourism is the largest foreign currency earning sector of economy.
Tourism can be categorized as a territorial or service industry
Basically there are two types of tourism industry these are:-
1) Domestic tourism.

2) International tourism.
Domestic tourism
It involves people travelling to places within the country for example from dar-es-salaam to Mikumi or from Tabora to Serengeti national park
International tourism
It involves the movement of people moving from home countries to other countries for leisure or studies [research].
Factors that encourage the development of tourism in the country
Physical factors
1) Presence of good climatic conditions especially sunny conditions attract tourists from cooler countries during winter
2) Attractive landscape [scenery] due to physical features like mountains, craters, lakes, coastal beaches, canyons and deserts.
Social cultural factors
1) Presence of horizontal and architectural sites for example cities, churches, temples, palaces and pyramids.
2) Presence of conventional resorts like swimming places etc
3) Good social services like shopping centers, medication, good food and water supply and well trained stuff etc
4) Presence of national parks like Serengeti, yellow stone, Yosemite etc
Economic factors
1) Availability of capital to be invested in the tourism industry
2) Advancement in transport and communication for example air transport, road transport and railway and water as well as internet services these facilitate accessibility of different places of interest in the country.

9) 9) It has strengthened international relations with many other countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Japan, Norway, Britain etc.
10) It act as the source of foreign money exchange.

Disadvantages of Tourism in Tanzania and Kenya.
(1) Tourism leads to the environmental degradation like erosion, deforestation.

(2) It facilitate the emergence of terrorism since the terrorist can act as the normal tourists.

(3) It facilitate the spread of diseases especially sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s) like HIV/AIDs.

(4) It facilitate the occurrence of cultural destruction as the local people are attracted by the foreign culture like dressing styles, dancing styles and eating styles.

(5) It leads to the occurrence of conflict between the local people and Government due to the Government policy.

9) Water pollution in the lakes and rivers is another problem facing the tourism in the USA.



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