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2¼ hours




Uganda Certificate of Education


Paper 1

Time: 2¼ hours



(2004.A.1) A body moves with a uniform acceleration of Pms-2. If it’s initial velocity is xm-1 and it travels for t to attain a final velocity of ym-1, find the value of p in terms of x,y and t.

A. x + yt

Image From EcoleBooks.comB. y-x


Image From EcoleBooks.comC. y + x


D. y + xt


(2004.A.2) An electric lamp is marked 120 W, 240V. What does 120W mean?

A. Total energy consumed by the lamp.

B. Rate at which energy is consumed.

C. Total current flowing through the lamp.

D. Potent ional difference across the lamp.


(2004.A.3) Two forces of 5N and 12N act on a body at right angles. Find their resultant

A. 7N

B. 13N

C. 17N

D. 169N


(2004 .A.4) A moving coil galvanometer can be used to

A. Measure direct current.

B. Converting alternating current into direct current

C. Convert direct current to alternating current.

D. To measure the peak value of an alternating current.


(2004 A.5) A car of mass of mass 1200 Kg moving with a constant velocity of 60ms-1 is retarded uniformly to rest in 12sec .Calculate the retarding force.

A. (1200×12) N

B (1200×5) N

C. (1200×10) N

D. (1200×60) N


(2004 A. 6)

Image From


If each cell shown in fig.1 has an internal resistance of 0.5Ω finds the effective resistance in the circuit.

A. 1.25


C. 8.00

D. 9.00


(2004 A.7) A load of 500N is placed at 2mfrom a pivot of a seesaw. At what distance from the pivot should a weight of 250N be placed to balance the see saw?






(2004. A. 8)

Image From

Figure two shows the super position of the earth’s magnetic field and the field due to a magnet. Identify point marked 1,2,3 and 4.








South pole

North pole

Neutral point

Neutral point  

North pole

South pole

Neutral point

Neutral point

Neutral point

Neutral point

North pole

South pole  

Neutral point

Neutral point

South pole

North pole  



(2004A.9) which of the following is the correct order of energy changes or conversions in a generator?


Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comA. Heat energy in cylinder Kinetic energy in pistons. Electrical energy.

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From B. chemical energy from fuel heat energy in cylinders kinetic energy in pistons

Image From EcoleBooks.comRotational kinetic energy in a dynamo electrical energy.


Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comC. Chemical energy rotational kinetic energy in the dynamo rotational kinetic energy in pistons electrical energy.

Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comImage From EcoleBooks.comD. Electrical energy rotational kinetic energy in dynamo rotational kinetic energy in pistons sound energy.


(2004 A.10) A metal rod gains a positive charge when rubbed with fabric. The fabric acquires

A. No charge.

B. A negative charge equal to that of the rod.

C. Appositive charge equal to that on the rod

D. A positive charge greater than that on the rod.


(2004 A.11) The transfer of heat by the actual movement of molecules matter takes place

A. Only in liquids. B.Only in gasses

C. In solids and liquids.

D. In liquids and gasses


(2004A.12) which of the following can be detected by an ordinary antenna?

A. Microwaves

B.Infared rays

C.Ultra violent rays

D.Gamma rays


(2004 A.13) A girl whose mass is 50kg runs up a stair

case 25m high in 4s. Find thepower she develops.

A. 50×4W B. 50×10W C. 50×25W D. 50×10 X 25W

25  25 X 4 4 4


(2004 A.14) A pin is placed in front of convex lenses at a distance less than the focal length of the lens. What type of image is formed?

A. Real, inverted diminished.

B. Virtual, erect, magnified

C. Real, erect, diminished.

D. Virtual, inverted, magnified


(2004 .A.15) In a liquid, pressure is

A. Transmitted in a specific direction

B. Transmitted in all direction.

C. Decreased with depth

D. Decreased with density


(2004 A16) A man standing in front of a tall wall makes a loud sound and hears the echo after one and half a sec. How far is he from the wall if the velocity of the sound in air is 330m/s?






(2004 A.17) A set of apparatus that is suitable for measurement of the volume of an irregular object includes;

A. Over flow can, measuring cylinder, irregular object and a string.

B. Measuring cylinder, irregular object, over flow cans, flask

C. Overflow can,. Irregular objects, string, retort sand and burette

D.Burrete, overflows can, irregular object, a string, measuring cylinder, and retort stand .


(2004.A.18) The number of vibrations a wave makes in 1s is the

A. Frequency

B.Wave length

C. period



(2004.A.19) Brownian motion experiment shows that molecules of gasses are

A. Stationary

B. in motion in one direction only

C. In constant random motion

D.More closely packed than molecules in liquid.


(2004 A.20)The following equations represent the part of radioactivity series.

Image From EcoleBooks.com23490 Th X-Radiation

Substance x and the radiation in the equation above are

A. 23491Pa and gamma

B.23090Th and beta

C. 23090Th and gamma

D.23491Pa and beta


(2004 .A.21) The specific heat capacity of a substance

A. Heat required to raise it through 10c

B. Heat required to raise the temperature of 1kg mass of the substance through 10c

C. Heat required to change 1kg mass of the substance into liquid at the same temperature

D. Heat required raising its temperature the specific number of degrees



















The table above shows the structure of four atoms P, Q, R, and S. Which ones are isotopes of the same elements?

A. P and Q

B. Q and R

C. P and S

D. P and S


A ductile material is that which

A. Is fragile

B. Is not elastic

C.Can be molded into any shape

D.Easily breaks under compression.


(2004.A.23) Streams of electrons moving at a high speed are called

A. x-rays

B. gamma rays

C. cathode rays

D. alpha particles




Image From

The above figure shows forces applied on each of the identical blocks of the same mass. The block which has the greatest net force is

A. K B.L C. M D. N


(2004.A.Q:26) An object is paced 6cm from a plane mirror. If the object is moved further by 2cm, find the distance between the object and the image

A. 16cm B. 12cm C. 8cm D. 6cm


(2004.A.Q:27) The purpose of treads on tyres is to make them

A. attractive B. stronger C. reduce friction D. grip the road surface


(2004.A.28) Which of the following are longitudinal waves?

A. water waves B. light waves

C. sound waves D. radio waves


(2004.A.Q:29) A car of mass 1200kg moving with a velocity of 60ms-1 collides head-on with anther car of mass 1000kg at rest and they stick together. Calculate their velocity after collision

A. 1200+1000/1000×60 ms-1 B. 1200+1000/1200x60ms-1

C. 1000×60/1200+60ms-1 D. 1200×60/1200+1000ms-1


(2004.A.Q:30) A radioactive sample of 16g has a half-life of 6days. How much of it will be left after 6 days

A. 1g B. 4g C. 32g D. 48g


(2004.A.Q:31) A body of mass m kg and height h m form the ground has

A. total gravitation potential energy = mh

B. the greatest gravitational potential energy when at height, h

C. the greatest potential energy when it just drops to the ground

D. the least potential energy when at height 1/2h to the ground


(2004.A.32) An atom contains 3 electrons, 3protons and 4 neutrons. Its nucleon number is


B. 4




(2004.A.Q:33) A stone feels cold to bare feet in cold weather, but on a carpet in the same room feels comfortably warm. Why is this so?

A. the stone is a worse conductor of heat than a carpet

B. the stone is a better conductor of heat than a carpet

C. the carpet is a better conductor of heat than a stone

D. the stone is a better reflector of heat than a carpet

(2004.A.34) The process by which electrons are emitted from the surface of a metal by application of heat is known as

A. photoelectric emission

B. electromagnetic emission

C.thermionic emission

D.heat emission


(2004.A.Q:35) A man lifts a weight of 300N through a height of 2m in 6s. Determine the power he develops

A. 25W B. 100W C. 600W D. 900W



Image From

The above figure shows how the extension of a wire varies with the forces applied. Point B represents

A. proportional limit B. elastic limit C. breaking stress D. yield point




Image From


A box is placed on top of a table as shown above, with dimensions indicated. If its mass is 40kg, find the pressure it exerts on the table.

A. 40/0.020×0.015 B. 40/0.015×0.10 C. 40×10/0.020×0.015 D. 40×10/0.020×0.010


(2004.A.Q:38) Calculate the amount of heat required to change 100g of water at 1000C to steam at 1000C.(specific latent heat of steam =2.26×106Jkg-1)


(2004.A.Q:39) Which one of the following can be used to measure the diameter of a bicycle spoke accurately?

A. metre rule B. vernier caliper C. tape measure D. micrometer screw gauge




Image From

An oil drop of volume 10-3cm3 forms a patch of water as shown in figure 6.The area of the patch is 0.785 cm2. If its 1 molecule thick, what is the size of the molecule?

A. 4.06×10-4 cm





SECTION B (2004)


(a) List two ways by which a magnet may lose its magnetic properties



Image From


The above figure shows an iron ring between two opposite magnetic poles

(i) Sketch the magnetic lines of force on the diagram (ii) Explain what happens to the steel nails



(a) State two differences between a.c and d.c generators


Image From

Briefly describe what happens when a magnet is moved into a coil as shown above


(2004.B.Q:43) (a) What is meant by

(i) mass number (ii) atomic number

(b) Name any two radiations emitted by radioactive substances


(2004.B.Q:44) (a) What is meant by the term reverberation?

(b) State two factors which affect frequency of a vibrating string

(c) A sound wave of frequency 440Hz has a velocity of 330ms-1. Calculate its wavelength


(2004 B. 45)

(a) What is meant by refractive index?


(i) Define focal length of a converging lens.

(ii) With the help of a ray diagram show how a converging lens can be used as a magnifying glass.


(2004 B. 46) A 240 V, 600W water heater is used to boil water for 5 min.

(a) By what means does heat spread through the water?

(b) Calculate

(i) The current that flows in the heater.

(ii) The electrical energy converted into heat.


(2004 B. 47) (a) (i) Define moment of a force.

(ii) State the principle of moments.



Image From


A uniform meter ruler is pivoted at the 40 cm mark as shown in the fig. 9. The meter ruler is the equilibrium under its weight W and a 20 N force acting at the 10 cm mark. Calculate W.


(2004 B. 48) (a) What is meant by specific latent heat of vaporization?

(b) State two factors which affect boiling points of water.

(c) Calculate the heat required to convert 0.8 kg of water at 1000c to steam. [Specific latent heat of vaporization of water = 2.26 x106 j/kg]





Image From


The above figure the main parts of an electroscope. Name them

(b) State two uses of an electroscope


(2004 B. 50) State Archimedes’ principle.

(b) A solid weighs 25.00 g in air and 19.0g when submerged in water. Find the density of the material of the solid







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