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Machines & inclined planes Questions

1.  An inclined plane of length 5m is used to raise a body of mass 60kg to the back of a lorry. If the

 plane is inclined at an angle 25° from the horizontal, calculate the efficiency of the system given

 that a constant force of 650 N is used to push the body up the plane  




Image From EcoleBooks.com2.  Vicky performed an experiment using a pulley system as shown in the figure.

Image From


Image From



Image From EcoleBooks.comImage From





 (a) What is the V.R. of the system?

Image From Determine the M.A. of the system.  *

(c) Calculate the efficiency of the system.

(d) Explain why efficiency of a practical machine is always less than 100%

(e) If the load moves a distance of 5 cm. Find the work done on the load.

3.  The figure below shows a pulley system being used to raise a load. Use the information given

Image From   in the figure to answer questions (a) and (b)



Image From











 (ii) If a load of 100N is raised by applying an effort of 48N, determine the efficiency of

the system.


4.  (a) (i) Define the term velocity ratio (V.R)  

(ii) Name one machine that has a velocity ratio of less than one  (V.R < 1)

  (b) The figure below shows a set-up used to find the mechanical advantage of a pulley system

Image From












 On the axes provided sketch a graph of mechanical advantage (M.A) against load (L)  













  (c) A hydraulic machine is used to raise a load of 100kg at a constant velocity through a height

  of 2.5m. The radius of the effort piston is 1.4cm while that of the load piston is 7.0cm. Given

that the machine is 80% efficient, calculate:-

  (i) The effort needed

  (ii) The energy wasted in using the machine


5.   (i) complete the diagram below to show how the pulley can be used to raise a load L by

applying an effort E  

Image From














(ii) The pulley system above has a mechanical advantage of 3. Calculate the total work done

when a load of 60N is raised through a height of 9M

Machines & inclined planes Answers

1.  M.A = 600M = 0.92307


 V.R = 1 = 2.366

Sin 25  

= M.A = X 100


  = 0.92307 X100

2.366 = 39.01%

2.  (a) V.R = 5


Image From  (b) MA = L


Image From   = 4000


Image From  = 4

Image From

 (c) eff. = M.A x 100%

Image From   VR

Image From = 4/5

= 80%

 (d) Some work is done overcoming friction or lifting the moving parts

Image From

Image From  (e) W = F x d

= 40,000 x 0.05Image From = 2000J


3.   VR = 4

A = L = 100

  E 48

u = M.A x 100%

Image From EcoleBooks.comV.R

Image From 100 x ¼ = 52.08%



4.   (a) (i) Velocity ration is the distance moved by the effort to the distance moved by the load

in the same time

(ii) – Pulley belts

– Gears (any one)

(b) Graph

(c) (i) V.R = R2 = 7x 7 = 25

r2 1.4 x 1.4

Efficiency = M.A x 100%


M.A = r x V.R = 80 x 25 = 20


E = KL = 100 x 10 = 50N

M.A 20

(ii) EH = work output x 100%

Work input

Work output =mgh

= 100 x 10 x 2.5

= 2500J

80 = 2500 x 100

Work output

Work out put = 2500 x 100 = 3125J


Energy lost = 3125 – 2500

  = 625J

5.  i)

Image From










ii) E   = L/M.A

 = 60/3

 = 20N

Total work done by effort

= E x Distance moved by effort

= 20 x 9 x V.R

= 20 x 9 x 4

= 720J

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EcoleBooks | Machines & inclined planes Questions And Answers (part 1)


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