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Common solids Questions

1.  Below is a net of a model of a 3 – dimensional figure. The lengths AB = BC = AC = 6.0cm and lengths AF = FB = BD = CD = CE = AE = 8.0cm.


Image From

a) Sketch when the net is folded by taking ABC as the base and the height 5cm.

b) State the name of the figure sketched  (3 mks)

2.  The figure below represents a square based solid with a path marked on it




 Sketch and label the net of the solid *

Image From EcoleBooks.com3.  The below shows a solid prism:-



 (a) Sketch the net of the prism above

 (b) Use the net in (a) above to calculate the total surface area of the material used in making

the solid



4.  Draw the solid whose net is shown below.  



 4cm  4cm



5.  Sketch the net of the solid shown in the figure below, measurements are in centimeters  



Common solids Answers




Image From

b) The figure is tetrahedron












Sketch completed and the lines dotted.





2.  Sketch of the net of the solid (not free hand) base n\must be square, other lengths must be

within. Labeling of all verticals with the path correctly shown. AB and DA may be shown one.










Image From






















Image From EcoleBooks.com3.  (a)










(b) Total surface area

= 2 9 x 3 x 4 x 2 + 10 (6 + 5 + 7)

= 29.39 + 180= 209.4cm2










Image From











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EcoleBooks | Common solids Questions and Answers


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