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Chapter 1
SAINT Theresa, hospital in Namath which was run by sister Devonian but since her departure the hospital now deteriorating to a point that it can be called a dispensary. It is now under sister Valerian assisted by Madonna a sister also. Is happens to be the same hospital which Nolana is in after having to deliver a baby the previous night before Christmas day. Unfortunately a baby had died due to the inability of hosanna to deliver her own. She was attended by sister Valerian who also at some point adduced her regarding her past life and her health at the moment.
This incidence brought back memories to Hosanna about her life. Aunt Pauline who was Hosanna sole serving relative was with her taking care of her during this situation. She also advice her for her betterment. Regarding the fact that the day after she had given birth to a dead baby and the following day was Christmas as she was in pain, Hosanna said to her aunt who was telling her about the burial of her child and the fact that she could not see the dead baby. She said “it is strange, others are celebrating the birth of the Baby who was born last night while you buried my baby the same night she said this while weeping.
Old father Wolfgang had married Hosanna and Richard, who has already walked out on there to start a new life due to her character including not caring about their daughter mallet who was now living with Richards uncle. The same old man was now conducting the Christmas service in the nearby church of saint Karola wangle. He was the only white priest still left in the whole area of Bunyan, the land bordering Lake Janaya in Endow. He together with father Hilary Kaiser Brother Poly carp and sister Atropine were the ones who started the mission station at Namath in 1920. During the Christmas service old father Wolfgang preached to the people weasels of wisdom and spoke of how he felt this was the last Christmas for him to share with the people regarding his health status which is deteriorating as days go on. His preaching made some people weep. After this people would engage themselves in the mango as part of the celebrations.
Hosanna had demanded to see father Wolfgang and so Aunt Pauline had to go ask him to come see her. On the arrival at the house were father lived, she met Boniface Amanda who was the house Keeper, they spoke for some time until father Wolfgang had the conservation and agreed to meet and listen to Pauline. Father,after hearing this agreed to see her.In the afternoon he went to the hospital, meeting with Boniface who also had been to see hosanna. Entering
the room father Wolfgang stared at hosanna who begun weeping due to what had happened to her and knowing this and through expensive father Wolfgang did not stop her until she calmed down, He spoke to her on words of encouragement and eased her pain. This was also good to him that one of his lost sheep and returned to the fold.
Six months since Hosanna had left the hospital and life went on together with her Aunt. Hosanna thought of starting a new life with a new job. At the same time father Wolfgang health was deteriorating and was taken to Ngerenge without delay under Dr Hoffman. It was later found out that the cancer of the duodenum and his days were numbered. He news about fathers witless was sent to animation and prays were said for him. Hosanna was also affected by this she was unable to sleep and had a terrible dream that she did not understand. This led her have the urge to see father Wolfgang while there was still time so as to get advice and the interpretation of the dream. In the morning she told her aunt all about it due to then notice that she was not in a good mood.
Her Aunt agreed to this and the journey begun, it takes eight hours by the mchakamchaka bus from Namati to Ngerenge. She reached at 4p.m the following morning and did not waste time she went straight to the sisters’ convent where father Wolfgang was being kept. The place was forbidden ground for lay people with much security but she had nothing to lose. Sister Karaoke was the one who appeared after Hosanna’s doorbell three times was pressed at first she was denied and after giving explanation on herself and how important it was to see him. It was later agreed that she may go but not to take too long.
Hosanna was able to do what she come for, the dream was interpreted and father wanted a letter to be written for him to his dear brethren back in Namath advising giving precautions and may other things in the social life. Hosanna kept the letter safe and was ready to leave. Father Wolfgang death was announced a week after Hosanna returned to Namath. It was received with great grief. It was decided that father Wolfgang body was to be buried at Namath, in the cathedral of saint kasongona at Ngerenge was the final decision but a school was to be built at Namath in the Concourse of Father Wolfgang, to be known as TRADE SCHOOL.
Chapter 2
This is Richard Mwandikaulaya’s part of the story whereby he had decided to move on and walk out on his wife Hosanna, after her character changing to a worse one. Seeing his level of education in this chapter on medical issues and was satisfied. He had decided to apply for job advertised in the papers on the medical assistant grace on position. One morning he had received a letter from lilungo for an interview. He wrote a letter to his wife saying bye and ask hornet to look for him.when he reached Lilungu, whereby this was not his first visit, he begun looking for a place to stay at Babbles Holiday Guest house. After refreshing in his room he had an idea of going to see the building which he will be doing his interview the next morning.
After having to eat at a certain restaurant, he went to the Harbors corporation were there was struck security and no one who did not work there was allowed unless one had a special pass.Richard decided to go regardless, on the entrance the mate Mr. Daudi Alale the gate keeper who denied him but after giving him what he had asked for “the so called cigarette” he was allowed escorted by a man called him Athumani. On the day of the interview looking smart and without forgetting the letter as the pass, Richard went to the Harbors cooperation and wasn’t disturbed this time by Mr. Alale. The meeting or the so called interview went well he met the General Manager Chairman Mr. malipula Maliyatabu, allas Mr. lisp together with other members of the board. He finally got the job as the Assistant medical of the cooperation.
The first month of work wasn’t easy but Richard manager as a hard worker he was people liked him for that. He had already cope with the environment and mostly the language foul language of the port employees phrases such as my tea or my cigarette Richard was so busy considering the fact that Mr.Mawalla had traveled to china for business which he was successful and through a party at his place when he come back and had invited everyone including Richard. From the harbors cooperation. The day of the party workers were taken by a minibus of the cooperation to Dr. Mawalla villa situated in the famous kabisela Beach. The environment was astonishing that I left Richard speed together with other employees.
Within all that time he had few beers as he was not a person who takes hard drinks he also had time to move around the house and ended up hearing a conversation in one among the rooms in the house that left wondering (about Manumit) the party ended at exactly midnight and left with the same minibus dropping everyone off at their paint when Richard dropped behind was Mr. Malipula who was totally drunk and insisted that today was their night and they should enjoy. Richard had to let him in but telling him he was tired and wanted to sleep Malipula drinking brandy sat down at started talking to Richard about how the people lived on their sweat and grow on their labour. So they should drink once they have a chance. Richard just took a coke and listen. Malipula went on talking to Richard on becoming cunning as others so as to be rich. He spoke a lot that made Richard wonder giving example of Mawalla after a half an hour malipula had gone.
The next early morning Richard received a call from Dr.Mawalla telling him that Alale was murdered, Richard asked a lot in panic but no answers were given but rather he was to prepare for leave. Reaching the areas of the scene together with inspector Joel Mwakibete who was working onto scene of the crime later joined by the G.M Mr. Mtekateka, A lot was done under the inspector including removing the dead body to the mortuary. Investigation begun from the ownership of the dagger that had stabbed Alale’s back. His argans such as the liver, heart and more Dr. mawal took control and wrote the report. Suspicion about the recent murder feeled the people of the corporation including Athumani wondered a lot why it had to be Alale who was murdered.
It was well known that Malipula had a dagger with him most of the times. Athumani decided to break it down to the inspector about the dagger. Inspector investigated much on the dagger, initials MM on it and Mr. Manipula being the owner. Malipula admitted to be the owner but had not murdered Alale, he had to write a statement about his activities during the day and night of the murder.
Chapter 3
The murder case begins, Malipula being the victim under judge pritorious Mandwanga and inspector Mwakibete assisted by Kilian Shauritanga and Wilson Okwenje on the defense side and others members of the jury. The case took place with a lot of disagreements on both sides concerning the dagger mostly due to the initials MM Malipula defended himself a lot as the accusations got strong. Athumani was one among the witnesses together with Richard. The case took long discussion
s on the inner organs issues on rigor mortise and much more that in the end Malipula was declared guilty by court.
Days went after the case; Richard received a call from Kristina who wanted to see her and agreed of a place to meet. It was about the judgment of the case, it’s that she felt malipula was speaking the truth it’s like this on the days you and the others came for the interview Mr. Malipula had left the dagger with me after prohibiting him on not carrying it in the office and so it stayed with me until one day the boss wanted something to cut string of a parcel the dagger was available, I gave it to him and he said he would give it to him. This when Richard told Kristina of how important this would have been if she would have brought it forward to the court but she was afraid to get mixed up.
Richard decided getting to the bottom of this situation believing that malipula is innocent. He started asking different people who are surrounding the environment to begin with Josephine for the issue of” poison x” which he thought would have been used Richard decided to involve supt. Samuel matola with experience unlike the ones who had dealt with the case at first do he called him and asked if he could see him and explained the whole scenario about what Kristina said about “poison x” the silent report of autopsy. It took time for supt. To come to understand all this but finally he did and was satisfied on everything needed to revive alale’s murder case.
Supt. Matola begun getting to the bottom of this it was Monday whereby together with constable William and Inspector Gabriel, they both went to the Harbours Corporation and wanted to hold to meeting with Dr. Mawalla, Kristina, Josephin, Richard and many others seventeen in total. This was about the developments concerning the murder of Alale involving new evidence and the motive for the killing. He went on and explained all to the people in the meeting he did this and took time to see what reaction the listeners had after hearing this and he continued with alale’s murder in connection to the theft of Rolex watches. He conducted by saying that the murder of alale is in this room and that he doesn’t want trouble rather they gave time that anyone involved should turn up the threats seemed to work.
Nobody had turned up at until three o’clock at three thirty sister Josephine come running to Richard office asking him to come see what had happened Dr. Mawalla had died, he had taken cyanide…. into the end the truth always comes out supt. Matolla was well informed Mtekateka was also arrested tor being involved in this.

Chapter 4
This is a story about the sojourn in Africa of Professor Huxley who is a naturalist of the world, he had done work in the Para in the Amazon forest of South America, he was also a young professor at Oxford university, the outcome of research on baboons of the Amazon and the published a book about it. He is now an old man leaving in one of the old Victorian houses in the country side in England. He lived as a bachelor with no children or relatives once he read an article into the naturalist which contained facts about baboons in the forest along River
libobi in kondowe, Africa who showed extraordinary behaviors of tools such as sticks to dig, this astonished and interested him that without wasting time he made plans to travel to Kondowe. He joined a group of tourists who were coming by ship so as to enjoy marine fauna. The trip was nice it he was bothered by two Spaniards who kept asking questions about his work and more. Professor had no intentions of going with the tourists around game reserves and other activities. All he wanted was to go to libobi for his research. He wanted for the ministry of Tourism and natural resources to finalist arrangements.
Jorome Gladman was throwing a cocktails party in hour of the major of Lilungu in MV Liverpool before it left many people were invited including Richard and father professor Huxley’s. During the arrival of the divests in the slip which one had to climb down a ladder which led to the lung, while this went on Richard noticed a white man who was very drunk and seventh he was falling into the sea. Rich went after him with speed without having to think twice using his experience from way back home in the shores of lake Nyanja, without taking off his suit or shoes there he was in the sea strongly to rescue a man’s life while all this was going on people had already noticed and two seamen went to help Richard. Back on dry land Richard used his skill to make the old man so this helped but it was suggested that he was to be taken to the harbor cooperation Hospital.
Jerome Gladman agreed to this suggestion and had to write a note to the professor explain what had happened for he had to start sailing the following day. When the professor wake up realizing he is a hospital work asking where he was Richard had to tell him the story and confirmed it by captain Gladman.Professor stayed for four days in the hospital and during that time Richard had a time to get to know him and share his life experience with him and professor thanking him. When the plans were ready for him to go libobi, 2 days after he left the hospital the professor was on his way.
Professor arrived were he would set camp for his research at the research station that used to be home of the Mr. Rebman Schneider, a German then later the government made it a research center were even the natural that had written about the strange behaviors of baboons had infect carried out his research from here. It was built with many little huts whereby professor close to occupy on which distance from the main building was avoiding noises. He embarked on his research without delay, taking photographs and writing copious notes. Two months later he was done and ready to leave. One night, at around ten o’clock still at the center professor had people knocking at the door thinking it was beauts, the house keeper and he opened the door. Only to his surprise it was Miranda and scapula, the two Spaniard tourists holding automatic pistol
They led professor away to a car were there was a third members Perez Franco of Kondowe who runs a saw mill. All this was planned from the journey from Britain the stay a Libobi they were watching him. This was a kidnap and with it these Spaniards had their demands of release f their fellow members of the terror international so they used professor as their shield and promised to kill him in case their wants were not fulfilled. They sent a letter to British high commissioner in Lilungu. In a short time the news had spread and people grieved by the news including Dr. Richard who had just known and saved the man.
Hosanna on the other hand after finding out that Richard had worked out on him, she had gone to live with Mr. Boko and things did not work well these also she went back to live with her aunt and when she had brought the letter of father Wolfgang to father Malyuga she entered church to pray. Now Hosanna wanted to look for job and search for a new life changing her name was also what she did it was now Grace Watua. She went or malenyi was she got a job as a mid wife and worked very hard also volunteered to social work as a leading girl guide in a scout group. Hosanna was well aware of the kidnapping as one afternoon as grace and her girls did their exercises in the bush, using a binocular to check the girls she noticed a hut into the middle of the bush two white man followed by an order person who was tied at the roof posts. Grace was shocked and decided to postponed the exercise until next time she went to the police. The investigations begun the same night from the centre in libobi, Beatus to identify the professor and going to the hill for observations.
The next morning gathered together Grace told Sugt. Ndalama that they should get to the bottom of this and she gave out a plan that went well it involved Grace acting as a woman injured to punk the kidnappers who were then shot by the ambushed police and professor was saved and also their plans failed as the police were in time to stop the terror international from escaping and send them back to Britain. Before leaving for Britain, Professor met Richard and explained the experience he had curing the kidnap and about Grace Watua.
Chapter 5
Days went on and the death of Dr. Mawalla was been spoken of at large. His wife started having a hard time, there were unpaid bills surrounding her and all this became a wage until she was left with no choice but to give the house to the bank and move in with her brother in Makadara misufini. People started talking about Dr. Mawalla’s death and suspecting someone else to have been the cause, Dr. Richard it was he who received the case the evidence was strong that Dr. Mawala had to commit suicide knowing the truth will come out anywise. Richard’s life was now in danger people were hunting him down to kill him by any means the some to Kristina the secretary who was forced to move to another town and get a new job for safety. Richard was longing to hear from the professor and it come so.
He received a letter from the professor that a university of Glasgow in Scotland was found for him it had the best medical training and professor new one of the Deans of faculty of medicine professor Buchanan. Richard told no one about this regarding the present situation preparations begin for the trip passport, visa health paper and new clothes not arrival in London, Richard told no one about this regarding the present situation preparations begun for the trip passport visa health paper and new clothes. On the arrival in London, Richard was to stay at Hotel Russell booked by the professor. The following day he had time to go around the streets and admire them, he could not believe he was in London. He even compared all he saw with the situation back home in Kondowe. The journey from London to Brighton took one hour and fifteen only to professor house. Richard was pleased with the big, old and clean house credit goes to MacKay who has worked for the professor for over ten years.
Richard stayed with the professor for month before going to Glasgow. Being there was so far the best thing for Richard, the environment the people and him being determined to the best which he did. He made friendship with buncan kaona from ushisha. By the time he was done with his studies professor had advice him to stay in Britain for another two years working under Dr. Taylor fox more advantage professor was now seventy six his health was failing.
Professor had not forgotten Grace Watua who recently had written to him saying she would be in Britain in two months time for the girl guider issue, he wrote back giving details on how to reach Brighton, Richard was well informed of the visit of Grace watua and two others. During the day of the arrival a lot happened that demanded explanation but filled with joy Richard meeting Grace watua who is Hosanna Yoakima. All this was clear after a lot of conversation. Professor found this interesting and great and thought he was not a man of going to church or doing such stuff he had or felt the urge to declare that there was divine providence and that all happen for a reason and it directed from above professor persuaded Hosanna at stay with her husband and so the other two went back.
Arrangements were made for Hosanna to get a job as a midwife where Dr. Richard was working at the Queens hospital. A year after Hosanna gave birth to baby twins called Kenneth and Wolfgang. Richard was astonished by his wife’s character change all this time. At a time when everything seemed well, professor’s health was deteriorating rapidly. One morning Richard received a call room MacKay about professor, together with Hosanna and Dr. Taylor they went hurriedly in Brighten and had a chance to speak to the old man before he died.
The burial was done and the lawyer initiated the will whereby it was declared that half of his property was Dr. Richards, A quarter for Mackay and the rest to the Royal scientific society and the house as a museum of natural history. Having this huge sum of money Richard and Hosanna saw no point in remaining in Britain but rather go back to kondowe and open a hospital. Richard begun purchasing equipments for that and shipped them to Lilungu there months before he and his family left.
Chapter 6
Back in Kondowe, Dr and Mrs Mwandikaulaya spend the first two months resting and visiting relatives uncle Ndomondo being one of them, he was now advanced in age, it took him time to understand how his marriage (Richard) had gone back to normal, Hosanna and Richard were anxious to see their daughter but Ndomondo told them that she had gone to Ushisha with his friend Joshua Chikawe who has promised to take her to the best schools in Ushisha but as time went by he stopped writing and Ndomondo was now too old to travel to the city. This information did not please Richard and his wife, it only increased their worries and so Richard had to travel to ushisha. Afterwards they visited Aunt Paulina who was very excited to see them and the grandchildren he was also advanced in age.
Richard also went to Namatvi to see father Malyunga who was now the priest in charge he spoke of his intentions to build a hospital some were in Unyanja. At this time saint Theresa hospital was in a despicable condition there were no drugs and no equipments. Father had no objections and advised him to use the same hospital, to renovate it so as to avoid expenses of having to build a new one. He was even free to change the name if he had to. Dr. Hoffman also paid a visit and agreed
to help Dr. Richard with some unused equipments back at Ngerenge. When the renovations were complete Dr. Richard begin work immediately with Hosana in the maternity wing. They charged nominal fee only considering the financial status of the people.
Worries about their daughter increased and Richard decided to contact his friend Duncan Kaona who was a doctor in Lundo, the capital of Ushisha asking him to find about the were about of her daughter and the man called Joshua Chikawe in a small town called Chita Dr. Kaona wrote back informing Richard that Joshua chikawe had died of cholera and had claimed many lives in the chisita area of ushisha and that no one knew were Marietta may have gone if she survived the outbreak. This did nothing to away the fears of the mwandikaulayas plane, was the easiest way to reach ushisha but all flights start from lilungo so Dr. Richard had to travel to Lilungu to catch his plane to Lundo. Arriving lilungu Richard stayed at a new built Mapinduzi Hotel after having lunch he felt the very urge to around places he knew since he had worked there before. He noticed some small changes. He saw shop named D.M.S Grocery on the way past the house he had lived then. He saw an old man who was kind of familiar to him but he never bothered and also a woman. From there he decided to go to the port area, approaching the area he heard two people talking one was Mr. Thaidi and the other was Mr. Malipula according to the conversation he was having. They spoke of what had happened to people who did evil now that they believe in God, especially Malipula who was more like confessing.
Richard found it hard to believe that in reality the man and woman he saw was old Dickson Mtekateka and the former G.M of course and the woman was Dr. Mawalla’s wife who later got married to the old Dickson. He pictures the lady he had seen back in the party the elegantly depressed lady standing on the steps on her Kabisela avila. Back in the hotel Richard relived his afternoon experiences and found himself recalling the words spoken by professor Huxley in his death bed that affairs of man are directed from above. The plane took one hour to land at lundo airport. Dr. Kaona was at airport to meet is friend. The following saturday Dr. Kaona felt the need to show him around. He took him to famous night club in Lundo, it was situated in the outskirts of the city. The club was beautiful itself through much of what is said about it. Only the best bands were allowed to play. Through this Richard was able o realise why ushisha was to famous for its dances. Dr Kaona ordered drinks for both of them. He was also a man who coved dancing and could not help the good music. Richard also had to join in with other.
Richard Mwandikaulaya
Hosanna Yoakim
Sister Valerian
Sister Madonna
Aunt Pauline
Father Wolfgang
Boniface Bondman
Dr. Hafmann
Sister Deokara
Father kleofas Malyinga
Mr. Chakamchaka
Mr. Boko
Dr. Van
Daudi Alale
G.M. Malipula Maliyatabu
Mr. Dickson Mtekateka
Dr. Reginald Mawalla
Mr. Christant Kapungo
Inspector Mwakibete
Constable Shauritanga
Jason Katiti
Judge Pritorious Mandwaga
Wilson Okwenje
Members of the jury
Dr. Maxwell Nyirenda
Captein Gladman
Professor Huxley
Miranda and capilla
Supt. Matola
Dr. Nyirenda
Sister Josephine
Inspector Gabriel
Constable William
– Not a good
– Not faithful –Determined
– Intelligent
– Faith
– Carling
– Humble
– Hard working
In regards to the loss of her baby the night before Christmas. This brings back memory of her awful past life, due to this she demands advice from father Wolfgang at large and aunt Pauline and sister Valerian being one among the divisors.
Father Wolfgang
Only white priest left in Namatui. A wise man that tough well his perishes about life, the lord God and much more. He was the one who gave Hosanna advice when she wanted to see him and gave her hopes of life regarding matters such as her family reunion. He later on dies out of cancer.
Aunt Pauline
The only relative Hosanna has left who took care of her during her recovery from the body close incidence. She is caring and advised hosanna ones she had to.
Sister Valerian
No – nonsense
Woman and a good advice
A German who now runs the saint Theresa hospital assisted by sister Madonna. She attended hosanna during her child bearing process of all her children. Knowing hosanna well she was able to also advice her about her heath then and the things she did and asking her to begin new life

Dr. Hofmann
Father wolf gangs house keeper for many years. He saw hosanna at the hospital page a lay missionary, Doctor by profession who attended father Wolfgang at Ngerenge, he found out that it was concern that disturb him.
Abort Norbert and sister Deokara
Assisted Dr. Hofmann in Ngerenge hospital they felt sorry for father Wolfgang during his sick period.
Hard working
Hosanna husband, he gets a new job at the harbors cooperation as is said to be a hard worker and also a man with dreams but due to lack of enough money by his parents he never had a chance to go for further studies until then page 26 and continuous seniors’ medical officer for the Harbors corporation, A man who is sold to the cunning in what he does so as to be rich. He was involved in stolen watches and the murder of Daudi alale. But was not recognized until later on.
Daudi Alale
Corrupt drunker
The gate keeper of the Harbors corporation who is very corrupt (demanded cigarette from Richard page 30. He is also a great drinker as stated in what happened at kabisela Beach page 35. He was eventually murdered page 10
Beautiful five of hospitality
Secretary who received Richard at the corporation and escorted him to the area of the interview.
Accused of murder.
Malipula shows that he is suspected/Accused of alale’s murder regarding the dagger that was used.
Inspector on the prosecution side
, he is very good at his work.
He gets to the bottom of the case, this insides investigating people like athumani, Jason and more
Alale’s friend
Mawallas wife
Good wife

Anti – social

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