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Solutions for sustainable development

Appropriate technology


This means technology that is simple, cheap and suitable for use by local people. Typically the technology is also sustainable and often involves local people in the manufacture, therefore creating jobs and providing valuable skills for future development. Examples of appropriate technology include using boreholes for water, using wind power to pump the water and using renewable energy such as solar power. An example of innappropriate technology would include using fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere and are a non renewable energy source.


The construction of stone lines


This solution to soil erosion involves the local community building low stone walls along the contours in the land. This has been done in parts of Burkina Faso. The stones trap both soil and water, which increases yields and prevents soil erosion. It is cheap and sustainable and gives the local community a sense of ownership of the project.




In the 1960s plans were made to increase crop yields in LEDCs by introducing new hybrid strains of plants with higher yields. These plans became known as ‘The Green Revolution’.


Ultimately, it was not a success as the crops concerned needed lots of expensive fertilisers and pesticides and farmers’ profits fell. However, by crossbreeding traditional and new varieties of crops, there has been some success in improving the yields of rice and millet.


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EcoleBooks | ZIMSEC Form 4 Agriculture Complete Summary Notes 9 - 10 Solutions for sustainable development


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