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Microsoft presentation software (PowerPoint) includes text-editing and graphics tools that can create slides for public presentations. The presentations can be printed, projected, displayed on a monitor, saved and published as Web pages.
How to start Ms – PowerPoint Program
  • Open ‘Start’ menu
  • Go to Programs
  • Choose Microsoft – office
  • Choose Microsoft – PowerPoint program
  • Ms – window will appear
Exploring Ms – PowerPoint Window
  • Title Bar
  • Menu Bar
  • Standard Bar
  • Formatting Toolbar
  • Vertical and Horizontal Ruler Bars
  • Working place
  • Horizontal + Vertical Scroll Bars
  • Status Toolbars
  • Task bars
Understanding PowerPoint Views
  • Slide view
  • Outline view
  • Slide sorter
  • Notes pages
Starting a new presentation
  • Open file menu
  • Click new
Exercise 1
p Create a new blank presentation
Entering text
  • Choose the text layout i.e. title and subtitle
  • Click to add title
  • Type the title
  • Click to add subtitle
Add a preset design
  • Open format menu
  • Choose ‘slide design’
  • Choose the design template you want in the look in section
Adding new slide
  • From the slide layout dialog box, select the layout i.e bulleted list
  • Type the title
  • Type the details
Changing the slide layout
  • Open format menu
  • Choose slide layout
  • Choose the layout you want i.e text and clipart
Entering drawings
  • Double click on the Clipart placeholder
  • Choose the cartoon you want
  • Click ok
Moving through the slides
  • Use double arrows button on the scroll bar to move to the previous or next slide
  • Or press the page up and page down keys on the keyboard
Deleting slides
  • Move to the slide to be deleted
  • From edit menu
  • Select delete slide
Saving a presentation
  • Open file menu
  • Click “Save as”
Dialog box appears
  • Choose the location of the file i.e. D:/
  • Type the file Name
  • Click Save
Opening the presentation
  • Open the ‘file’ Menu
  • Choose ‘open’
Dialog box appears:-
  • Specify the location of the file i.e. D:/
  • Click ‘Open’
Saving An Existing presentation
  • Open ‘File’ menu
  • Click ‘SAVE’
Closing the presentation
  • Open the file Menu
  • Click close or click X button
Exit Ms – PowerPoint
  • Open file Menu
  • Click EXIT
Running a presentation
  • Once you have made the slides for presentation, you can run it as a slide show.
  • Go to slide 1
  • Click on slide show button on the left of the window
Entering a graph onto a slide
  • Double-click on the graph placeholder
  • Highlight all the information in the datasheet
  • Press delete key on the keyboard to clear all the original data
  • Type the sales data for each region as shown in the example
  • Click outside the datasheet to return to PowerPoint
  • The graph will be displayed on the slide
Changing the order of slides
  • Click the slide sorter view button
  • Click on the slide you wish to move
  • Hold down the left hand mouse button and drag the slide to the position required
Creating notes pages
  • In notes pages View, you create notes that you print and use as a guide during your presentation.
  • In slide sorter view, select the slide
  • Open view menu
  • Choose ‘notes page’
  • Type the notes for the speaker
Master Slides
  • Open view menu
  • Go to ‘master’
  • Choose slide master
  • Go to insert menu
  • Choose date and time
  • Specify other attributes
  • Click apply to all
Drawing tools
p Using Autoshapes on the drawing toolbar to create different objects
Page setup
  • If you intend to use PowerPoint for anything other than on-screen slideshows , you will need to set the size of the slides you are producing
  • Open file menu
  • Click Page set up
Printing the presentation
  • Open ‘file’ menu
  • Click ‘Print”
  • The dialog box appears
  • Specify the printer type/Name, No. of Copies, no of slides / handouts etc.
  • Click Print

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