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The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland


Aim of the Federation

The settlers wanted to share profits of gold and copper (Netherlands, Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland)

The settlers wanted to make use of labour in Zambia (NR) and Nyasaland (Malawi)

They wanted to form a strong union against possible control by the Afrikaners (Boers)

The settlers wanted to cooperate in order to control Africans

They wanted provided a big market for goods produced in the federation.

To help each other to develop transport, electricity and other infrastructure.


Steps which were taken to establish the federation

In 1930 white settlers began to discuss the idea of amalgamation Northern Rhodesia and

Southern Rhodesia

They asked the British government to have a conference on amalgamation.

The British government refused arguing that it will disadvantage Africans

The three territories set up a committee in 1945 to discuss migrant labour and agreed to pressurize British government for amalgamation.

In 1949 a conferment was held at Victoria falls which discuss the idea of Federation and not amalgamation

Colonial secretary Greech Jones refused to accept the idea of federation.

A new colonial secretary James Grieffith accepted the idea which he said should be a partnership between European and Africans the visited Africa and listed a conference. The conservative part come into power in 1951 in Britain and accepted the idea of a federation

The government of Churchill called for a conference in London to discuss the federal constitution but no African were invited.

A conservative politician was serial to Central Africa to find out the view of Africans. He reported that no strong opposition was noticed except for few extremist. This contradicted the bledisleo report which esflasised African opposition

The final conference in London was held to adapt the federal constitution and finalize details of setting up the federation. The federation was set up in 1953.


Project which were done during the federation

There was construction of infrastructures such as the Kariba dam

The i) University of Southern of Rhodesia ii) hospital iii) colleges e.g. Gweru teacher’s college, hillside teacher college, roads, schools



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