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1.  a) State five causes of the Second World War.

i) The rise to power of Adolf Hitler and his determination to restore Germany’s lost glory led war as he invaded other countries / Hitler invasion of Poland, ii) The inability of the League of Nations to implement its. Resolution and punish those violated them encouraged the aggressors to purse their ambitions (Objectives) and this intensified tension in the World / failure of the League of Nation.

  1. The unfavourable conditions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailies humiliated and
    made her nurse a grudge against the allied powers.
  2. The policy of appeasement practiced by Britain and France encouraged the fascist dictators to carry on with their acts of aggression,
  3. Establishment of alliances between major powers encouraged acts of aggression because of the feeling of mutual support, vi) Growth of nationalism made countries inward looking and therefore were reluctant to participate international issues.

vii) Rearmament and rise of dictatorship e.g. Mussoloni and Hilter.

 b)  Explain five effects of the Second World War on Europe.

i)  The war led to the loss of many human lives. Many of the survivors were maimed, ii)  The war was costly and this slowed down the rate of economic development / economic problems.

iii)  It led to the destruction of property such as industries and building through bombing, iv) Germany was occupied and dismembered by the Allied Force,

v) The balance of power in Europe was changed with the emergence of the USSR and USA as new powers, vi) Communist governments were established in many parts of Eastern

European through the influence of the USSR.

  1. The war increased USA’s involvement in European affairs /

    NATO/Marshall plan.

  2. The was stimulated the development of the military technology and industry / making sophisticated weapons.
  3. It led to displacement of people who became refugees, x) European countries became more committed to the idea of maintaining peace in the world / formation of the UNO.

xi) The war left bitter feelings and mistrust among the countries which fought, xii) The expansion of the USSR in Eastern Europe and USA’s determination to check it led to the cold war.



  1. What event prompted the United States of America to join the first world war in 1917?

    Germany declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare / sinking of the USA ships.

  2. Give two reasons why the central powers were defeated in the first world war.

    i) The allied forces controlled the sea routes and had powerful navy which they used to block supplies to the central power, ii) The allied forces had adequate supply of human resources for the war from members against the central powers.

    1. The allied forces had abundant wealth with which finance the war.
    2. The initial defeat of Germany let to minutes in the Germany army. It also made other members of the central powers to surrender.
  3. a) Why was the United States of America (USA) reluctant to join the

    first world war during the initial stages?
    1. Desire to abide by the term to Moroe Doctrine of 1823 which

      Prevents her from interfere in European affairs.

    2. Fear of revolt by her citizens of German origin, iii) Fear of an outbreak of civil war between Americans of German origin and those of other European nationalists iv) The war had not interfered with the USA’s interests until 1916.

 b)  Describe the result of the Second World War,

i)  Loss of life. It is estimated that 300 million people died either in Battle or as civilians through bombing, ii) The atomic bombs which were used against Japan released radioactive substances which affected the lives of many people, iii) Permanent ill health and shortening of life for millions of people as a result of years under nourishment or captivity.

  1. Destruction of property such as homes, houses, building and bridges
  2. Agriculture and Industry were disrupted due to lack of equipment, raw materials and human resources. vi) Psychological and emotional problems to families, individuals and nations as a result of the torture of the war. vii) Economics of the countries that were involved in the war were destroyed leading to depression/economic slump.

viii) External trade almost came to stand still due to fear and insecurity, ix)

There was a high inflation rate which led to high cost of living,

x) Large numbers of people were displaced which led to great suffering, xi) The pre-war balance of power was destroyed and the power vacuum was filled by two new super powers. The USA and USSR, xii) The communist zone extended to cover half of the continent of

Europe, the USA assisted weakened European powers through the

Marshal plan, xiii) The division of European into two opposing blocks led
to the cold war which was followed by arms race between USA and USSR xiv) The failure of the League of the Nations to maintain world peace led to the foundation of the United Nation Organization, xv) Germany was divided into two, capitalist West Germany and Communist East Germany.

The city of Berlin was also divided between the East and the West, xvi) The myth of European military superiority was destroyed due to the defeat of the British and American forces in the far East by the

Japanese. xvii) Participation of Africans in the war strengthened African nationalism.

5.  Describe three factors that enabled the allied powers
to win the Second

World War.

  1. Germany’s inability to effectively control her expansive territories and some turned against her and fought along the allies.
  2. The USSR recovered from her losses rearmed and attacked Germany.
  3. The allies had more supporters than the axis powers who remained four

i.e. Germany, Bulgaria, Australia and Turkey.

  1. USA’s entry into the war on the side of allies’ attack of Pearl Habour
  2. Germany’s forces were overstretched by fighting warring in many fronts.
  3. Allied forces had better arms than the axis powers as atomic bombs. vii) A chief forces controlled North Sea to blocked Germany.

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