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Read John 14:16-20 and answer the following questions.

  1. What did Jesus promise to his disciples?
  2. What does the spirit reveal about God?
  3. Why can’t the world receive the Holy spirit?
  4. Whom did Jesus refer to as the helper?
  5. Write down verse 18.


Read John16:6-8 and answer the questions.

  1. Where was Jesus going ?{verse 5}
  2. What filled the disciple’s hearts when Jesus told them that he was going away?
  3. Why was it good for Jesus to go?
  4. Name two things which the Holy Spirit does in verse 8
    1. b.


Read Acts 2:4 and answer the questions.

  1. On which day did the Holy spirit come onto Jesus’ disciples?
  2. How were the believers gathered on that day?
  3. What happened to the disciples when they were filled with the Holy Spirit?
  4. What did the believers see in verse 3?
  5. Where was the noise coming from?

Week 4

Read Acts 7:54-60 and answer the questions.

  1. What is the title of the reading?
  2. Where did Stephen look and what did he see?
  3. Why do you think the members of the council covered their ears with their hands?
  4. What happened to Stephen in verse 58?
  5. Who approved Stephen’s murder?




Week 5

Read Matthew 7:7-14 and answer the questions.

  1. Write down the three things which we should do as mentioned in the passage.

    a____________________ b_________________________ c________________
  2. What will happen to people who ask?
  3. What will happen to people who knock?
  4. Which people will be able to find?
  5. Who spoke the words above?


Week 6

Read Luke17:12-18 and answer the questions.

  1. How many men were healed?
  2. What were the men suffering from?
  3. What did the men ask Jesus to do?
  4. What did one of the men do in verse 16?
  5. Why was Jesus no happy in verse 15?

Week 7

Read LUKE 18:9-14 and answer the questions.

  1. Name the two people mentioned in the parable.
  2. Why did the two men go to the temple?
  3. Which one of the two men was sure of his goodness and despised other people?
  4. Where did the Tax collector stand during the prayer ?

Write down one lesson you learn from the reading.


Week 8

Read Mark 12:41-44 and answer the questions.

  1. Where was Jesus sitting?
  2. Which people dropped in a lot of money?
  3. What did the poor widow drop in?
  4. Why did Jesus say that the poor widow had offered more than the others?
  5. Why wasn’t Jesus happy about other peoples offering?



Week 9

ReadPsalm 47:1-5 and answer the questions.

  1. What should all people do with their hands?
  2. Who is the Supreme ruler as mentioned in verse 2?
  3. Mention two things which God did in verse 3 and 4
  4. What happens when God goes up to his throne in verse 4?

Week 10

Read 1Corinthians:12:8-11 and answer the questions.

  1. Identify any five gifts of the Holy Spirit as written in the Bible passage.












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