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Physics Form 1 Notes : CHAPTER FOUR – PRESSURE

CHAPTER FOURPRESSUREPressure is defined as the force acting normally (perpendicularly) per unit area. The SI units for pressure is newton per metre squared (N/m2). One

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Business Studies Form 4 Notes : MONEY AND BANKING

MONEY AND BANKING Barter tradeThis is a form of trade where goods and services are exchanged for other goods and services. Benefits Satisfaction of wants: And individual

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CHEMISTRY FORM THREE NOTESCHEMISTRY OF CARBON  A: CARBON Carbon is an element in Group IV(Group 4)of the Periodic table .It has atomic number 6 and

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CHAPTER ELEVENELECTRONICS Conductors, insulators and semi-conductors An insulator is a material or object which resists flow of heat (thermal insulator) or electrical charges (electrical insulators). Examples

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Chemistry Form 2 Notes : SALTS

INTRODUCTION TO SALTS1.(a) A salt is an ionic compound formed when the cation from a base combine with the anion derived from an acid.A salt

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Mathematics Form 1-4 : CHAPTER TWELVE – LENGTH

 Specific ObjectivesBy the end of the topic the learner should be able to:State the units of measuring lengthConvert units of length from one form to

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Agriculture Form 3 – Crop Production VI (Field Practices II)

IntroductionThere are many crops cultivated in Kenya.These crops are grown for various uses and require different ecological conditions.Definitions:Hybrids – These are crop varieties developed by

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INSHA na ushairi wa Kiswahili Notes

Utungo unaoundwa kwa mfululizo wa sentensi zinazozungumzia jambo, tukio au kitu fulaniAina INSHA ZA KAWAIDA Insha ya PichaAmbapo mwanafunzi amepewa picha kadha na kutakiwa kutunga